Louis M. Brill
Lumia has always fascinated me as a window to a fantastical vista of creatures, landscapes and abstract places whose spaces begged to be visited. My own efforts in this realm began in the 1970s as a student-practioner of New York City’s high-tech ghetto of that era embracing the emerging art mediums of the day. I zig-zagged between video tech, multi-media, kinetic art and fine art holography.

All these light art ideas and influences stayed with me in my resettlement in San Francisco. Here these ideas took full bloom as I developed my own Lumia art studio embracing the light as the paintbrush and canvas to present Lumia art as a very evocative and narrative visual presence. In exploring this light form, I learned Lumia can be conjured up, controlled and manipulated through directed artistic intentions.

In this blog, Sacred Lumia, I have explored the process of Lumia and how it fits into the world of art, cinema and culture as a visual medium of appreciation – enjoy.