Although much of my work currently is about Lumia, I’ve always had a fascination with light as an artistic medium. Lumia is the result of light being reflected off of a shinning surface or refracted through glass. The end result is the same: a casting of light transformed by its passage against a reflective materials.

Why am I drawn to Lumia? Its resultant images are very sharp and evocative and easily impress the mind (mine at least) with their grand sweep of illuminated vistas. The Lumia scenes constantly change as any new movement against its reflective surface will conjure up a new image.

LUMIA SIDEWALK_DG copy.jpg                                                                                                                              photo by Dean Gustafson

For all my efforts in creating Lumia art sculptures, so does it happen naturally with a competitor to whom I defer to: Mother Nature. Often during a walk I find many natural examples of Lumia all generated by the sun. In a world filled with glass and shiny metal, a lot of sunny days go by where some form of Lumia reflection catches my eye. In passing I refer to them as ‘Sidewalk Lumia’ and find them just as fascinating as my specially prepared projected images.

1WATER LUMIA-:2 copy.jpg                                                                                                                                                               photo by Louis M. Brill

Light is a big part of Mother Nature’s repertoire, there are rainbows, dawn and dusk colored skies, sundogs, the aurora borealis and the Brocken Spectre (gotcha:, and now Lumia, be it reflected off of glass, water or ice, it’s another way of seeing the splendor of Lumia light in a natural setting. The best part: come a sunny day, you never know when a Lumia might appear, and when it does: instant art




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