Reflected Light As A Visual Poem

A Lumia is an image of reflected light that resembles textured smoke and creates random, ethereal looking images, sometimes abstract and sometimes anthropomorphic with a blatant resemblance to its real world counterpart. A good caption or title can fire the imagination of the Lumia viewer connecting the viewer to the image.

Souls Ascending HeavenSOULS.png                                                 photo by Louis M. Brill

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and a good Lumia picture just might take that many words to describe. However there is yet another path to explain what you see in Lumia gazing. In creating my Lumia photography it is a convergence of photographing the image, and inserting a caption to give the viewer a frame of reference as to what the image represents. The caption is tricky as it is a summary to hint at the Lumia picture’s visual connatation. Such as it is, I see my Lumia images as a stylized Haiku expressed as visual poetry.

Haiku, is a form of Japanese poetry using sensory language to present a feeling or describe a place or a thing. In doing so, the haiku uses the fewest amount of words to capture a moment and create a picture in the reader’s mind.

I see Lumia as a form of a visual Haiku where the opposite is true and we have the picture and want the fewest words to describe it. Once titled and presented, the Lumia’s conatation after a bit of contemplation comes into focus. In other instances, people have their own interpretation, and title be damned.

Human / Horse ConvergenceFACES.jpg                                                                            photo by Louis M. Brill

Naming a Lumia image is a precarious balance between what you see and what you want it to be.

and for the record:

my Lumia Haiku:


The light magnificent fires the imagination with awe.

Watch it!


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