For those of you just learning about Lumia, it is a form of textured light that looks like smoke, was developed in the 1920s, came and went as an art from as it has been over shadowed by more prominent art mediums, It has in effect, become “The Lost Light.” But it’s been found again and through my efforts in print Lumia and the work of other Lumia artists with projection Lumia, it is an art form in a renaissance, and being discovered again as a meditative light of mystery.

4th Horseman With ApprenticeTHE 4th HORSEMAN WITH APPRENTICE.jpgphoto by Louis M. Brill

There are several levels of explanation for Lumia light ranging from the technical to the poetic. For me it’s the poetic of Lumia art that catches my eye. The poetry of Lumia is not what you see, but more of what you think you see. Lumia is like a Magic Mirror whose imagery reflects a transcendent sending of its textured light where your mind absorbs the image and interprets the image as it wants. At that point the Lumia becomes a visual playground of some fantastic landscape, in some cases, a landscape compelling enough that it draws you in as a desired place and space to visit. But – it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

To fully appreciate Lumia gazing, my book Sacred Destinations and Journeys Along The Way, a Lumia visual art book will be available soon for a first hand look at Lumia as an art form.


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