the left and right brains of Lumia presentation

The realm of Lumia creations falls into two worlds that combine into a single presence of illuminated visual art. The first world is of science where Lumia is defined by optics, varying light sources, kinetic mechanics, computers and the kludging of a various collection of unknown widgets that all come together as a mechanical marvel of projected illuminated luminazation.

And then there is the art, a dance of visual poetry defined by the imagination of the viewer. Tuned in and turned on, the resultant Lumia imagery leaves no doubt that its presence is mystical, transcendent and unique – its wispy cloud-like imagery becomes a portrait of speculation and wonder as sometimes the projected imagery resembles nothing but an abstraction of animated light.


               this Lumia is very interesting as it presents two creatures who share a                          common face – or does it?

Sometimes in a very profound way the Lumia presence resembles creatures or beings from our world around us. These resembled images are startling in their mimicacy – is that a human face? a bird? or maybe a fish? This is the point of creativity where the Lumia artist and their viewers converge upon the images as the projected display unfolds its weird geometries. Here the Lumias invites the viewers imagination to just enjoy them for what they are : animated light weaving a pattern of light that just is.



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