Sacred Destinations and Journeys Along The Way is an art book that manifests itself on several levels. It begins as a visual dissertation on Destinations and Journeys and all that lies between you as you connect from one to the other.

On another level, it is a photo book about Lumia as a visual art medium with an opportunity to see Lumia as a new form of light (HA! Lumia’s been around since the 1920s) or if you will, an old firm of art in a new light as it were. In this fashion the Lumia imagery has been molded and massaged into a series of pictures with a very stylized look some images recognizable from the world around us (Ghost Ship) and others that are metaphors of human mythology that we can reflect upon.


And finally, there’s the book’s visual presentation which is intended to mimic an art gallery, whose walls of decorative art have been transformed into a gallery of pages with each page hosting a Lumia image of imaginative delight.

Definitely a book to be collected and enjoyed.


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